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The Personnel Armor System Ground Troops Helmet(PASGT) is designed to protect against fragments / shrapnel and other ballistic threats with improved comfort. Used by, special forces, police, military and SWAT teams.

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Standard Features

  • High ballistic performance
  • High-tenacity ballistic aramid fiber DuPont Kevlar®
  • Unique processing method and perfect fit suspension system.
  • Crown Mesh: Adjustable crown mesh with cross straps, cotton and plastic chin cup.
  • Excellent- Mechanical rigidity
    – Impact protection
    – Heat insulation
  • Resistant to
    – All weather temperature conditions
    – Water & moisture
    – Flame
  • Compatible with add on devices like CBRN and Communication devices etc.
  • Shell Size: Small, Medium , Large, Extra Large
  • Accessories- Fragmentation face shield
    – Ballistic face shield
    – Helmet cover
    – Helmet bag
    – Picatinny rail
    – Picatinny adaptor
    – NVD mount


  • Olive Drab
  • Desert Tan
  • Black
  • U.N Blue


Ballistic Certification
Tested in accordance to NIJ standards

Protection Against
NIJ Level II – 9mm bullets

Retention / Pad System
4 – point chin strap harness, with integrated nape pad.

2.86 lbs. (1.3 Kg) – 3.30lbs (1.5Kg) Tolerance: ± 5%

Body Armor