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Who Can Purchase Body Armor

body armor

A bulletproof jacket is worn to protect the torso from small-arms fire and light shrapnel from explosive devices. These jackets are consisting of many layers of fine and compacted woven fabric that absorbs the effect from high-speed projectiles.…

K9 Body Armor Vest


Designed by a Police K-9 Handler for his service do, perfect for all calls of service. Our unique K-9 vest ensures maximum comfort and mobility to allow your dog to maintain their full agility. Read more

K9 Dogs : Advanced Global Training

body armor

K- 9 division also play an important role for various counter terror and attack missions. The K9  dogs trained by ex-police and military trainers. The K9 dogs have to pass rigorous qualification and survivability test. Every dog is…


Hard Armor

A basic bullet proof Vest provides basic protection of Level-IIIA whereas with use of HARD ARMOUR PANEL we can enhance the Protection Level to Level III, III+ or IV based on one’s requirement. They are useful and ideal…

How and Where to Measure for Correct Helmet Size

Ballistic Helmets

An ideal helmet is one which is of lightweight, comfortable to wear and provide high-performance protection.  So, for determining the correct helmet size measuring the head is the starting point by using a cloth or measuring tape. So,…

Bullet Proof Vest Measuring Guide

Ballistic Vest, Bulletproof Vest

The satisfaction and happiness with performance of your Vest depends upon how perfectly it FITS your body since a large sized vest will lead to ill-fitting and tend to slip, whereas a small sized  vest may expose vital…

Tips on Buying Bullet Resistant Vest

Ballistic Vest

Are you planning to buy bullet resistant body armor online? Well, it is a great decision but it tends to be clumsy sometimes as well since it involves a huge responsibility to undertake.  Aside from focusing on the…

K9 Bullet Resistant Vest System

Ballistic Vest

Considering the valuable role a canine partner plays in various aspects of security, search and rescue operations, it becomes important to assess the level of threats that may jeopardize the safety of your working canine. Today, the K-9…



Helmets are among the oldest forms of personal protective equipment. Historical records reveal they were used as early as the 23rd century BC.  Over the centuries, their construction has evolved from leather, to iron, to bronze, to steel…

Body Armor