A basic bullet proof Vest provides basic protection of Level-IIIA whereas with use of HARD ARMOUR PANEL we can enhance the Protection Level to Level III, III+ or IV based on one’s requirement. They are useful and ideal for military and law enforcement grade . Also, in high threat areas or people who are doing internal security, such as riot control for them it’s very useful.

Hard Armour Plates are basically of 2 types i.e. ICW Plates which is used in In Conjunction With Level IIIA SAP of Vest and Stand Alone Plates which are used in plate carriers. Also, it comes in various weight range from 1.3 kg to 3.6 kg and sizes like 10”x12”, 8”x10” for sides 6”x6”, so it’s personal choice and it can be customized based on one’s requirement.

In early ages the plates were made up of steel however they were heavy and often ineffective , so modern hard armour inserts are made up of Ceramic or ceramic composites, or High performance polyethylene with a para-aramid backing such as Kevlar which makes it comfortable to carry yet effective in performance by providing protection against front, back and sides of body.

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