K- 9 division also play an important role for various counter terror and attack missions. The K9  dogs trained by ex-police and military trainers. The K9 dogs have to pass rigorous qualification and survivability test. Every dog is trained under specific situation and the need of our demands.

Usually, the professionals trained the dog in a way that are not rude to strangers and can act positively in crowded area like transportation hubs, airports and other leisure venues.

As we know dogs sense organs are pro- active and they are trained to find alive missing people in forests, ruins, deserts etc. As per searches, in good conditions a dog can pick up a human scent from about 400 meters. As dogs are capable to use their smelling and hearing to the fullest and hence trained to seek out drugs in all environment.

Advanced global training provides you to dogs for operating in following mission:-

Drug Detection

Search and rescue

Explosion/Bomb Detection

Counter Terror Areas.

So, for dealing and operating well in the different scenarios we must kept in mind and ensure their safety as well and that’s why the need of K9 Ballistic vest (http://www.hardshell.us/product-category/k9-protection/) arises to provide K9 ballistic protection to the K9 division.

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